Devorah and Gilboan Falls:
Rte 91, Galil

The path leading to the Devorah Falls starts out through a fascinating Syrian village, deserted during the Six-Day War and converted to an Israeli military base (since closed). Interestingly enough, the Syrian village was built on the remains of a Jewish town, from ancient times where inscriptions were found about a famous Rabbi from Talmudic times, who lived there.

The path then starts descending downward toward a stream which is to be crossed. This stream empties into the Devorah Falls, 12 meters high. The path continues to the lookout point of the waterfall with the option of descending a steep path to the pool below.

The water in the Devorah pool is incredibly invigorating and a swim under the falls is like a refreshing massage. The path to the Devorah Falls is not very difficult. If you continue farther down for a more difficult hike, the path continues downstream through a scenic path leading to the Gilboan Falls, 40 meters high and the second highest in the country.

Swimming here is dangerous because of low water temperature even in mid-summer.

We only did the hike until the Devorah Falls and it was quite easy and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: Find out the current security information before travelling anywhere in Israel.


Posted: September 10, 2017


The parking lot for Dvora Fall is a right near the Nashut Junction on Route 91


Price: free


Approximate Distance from:   

Meron: 35 minutes

Safed: 30 minutes

Tiberias: 35 minutes

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