Great Sand Dunes National Park:
Mosca, CO

We weren’t able to stay overnight in the area of Great Sand Dunes National Park (there are camping options for those that like it) but we decided to drive 3 hours from Colorado Springs to rent sleds and then 45 minutes to Sand Dune National Park, because we wanted to experience the unusual sand dunes found in Colorado. Everyone in my family agreed that it was worth the four hour trip each way. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime; we were reluctant to leave as the sun set.

Since Sand Dunes are generally found in dessert areas we made sure only to arrive in the late afternoon. We were told that during August between 11 am and 4 pm it is scorching hot. The weather was perfect and breezy in the late afternoon and early evening. When we got to the parking lot we took our sleds and started hiking toward the sand dunes. It was difficult to walk so far through sand. The Medano Creek was dried out in August so there was much more sand to shuffle through and no fun splashing for us. Once we made it to the dunes we were able to enjoy sledding down the hills and just enjoying the splendid scenery. We felt we could just sit there and gaze at the sand dunes forever.

We watched the sun set as it cast its magnificent views over the hills and mountains. We started heading back before it got really dark. We still had a four hour drive ahead of us. We got back at 1 am exhausted yet exhilarated by this unique experience.


Posted: November 14, 2020

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11999 State Highway 150
Mosca, CO 81146


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Oversized Vehicle, 15+ passengers, age 16+ – $15.00

Per passenger, 16 years and older in oversized vehicle, including 15 passenger vans, small buses, etc. Valid for 7 days. Passengers under 16 are free.

Motorcycle and Riders – $20.00

One motorcycle and all its riders; valid for 7 days.

Great Sand Dunes Annual Family Pass – $45.00

Covers one family’s entrance for 12 months from time of purchase. Valid for two adults with signatures plus others in vehicle.

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