Lake Harmony:
Lake Harmony, PA


I just came back from an awesome vacation at Lake Harmony in the Poconos. I rented a 3 bedroom house across Lake Harmony. The house was only $125 a night! The house came with a rowboat and two kayaks. Enjoying time on the river whenever we wanted was amazing. Watching sunset from the kayak was magnificent!

The weather up there was nice and cool, air conditioning was not necessary. Fans were enough. There wasn’t such a conveniently located minyan. It was a 35 minute drive away. However, after two days we found a temporary minyan just a few minutes away. Look on for a section listing temporary minyanimin places that do not have a steady minyan. There is not really any kosher food sold in the neighborhood. We brought along all our food.

There is a plethora of activities of all types in the area. Most are within up to a half hour drive. Sunday, before we arrived, we stopped at an indoor butterfly place and Lehigh River State Park. Monday was raining so we travelled farther than usual (an hour away) to Crystal Cave. Tuesday we hiked to Hawk Falls and returned home early to go boating on Lake Harmony. Wednesday we went to Camel Mountain Adventure Park and Thursday Whitewater rafting.

As soon as I am able, I will begin posting specifics about the attractions we visited. The good thing about the Pocnos is that it is centrally located, not very far from most places. If you don’t manage an overnight trip you can always just visit for the day.


Approximate Distance from:

Brooklyn Bridge: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Lakewood: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Monsey: 1 hour, 50 minutes


Posted: August 11, 2017

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