Path behind Rechov Mem Gimmel:
Romema, Jerusalem

Hidden behind the residential neighborhood of Romema, near the former MADA building on Rechov Hamem Gimmel, lie steps leading down to a pathway with a magnificent view stretching from the highway leading to the entrance of the City, to the mountains of Yerushalyim as well as of the ruins of Lifta. The path is well kept by the Iriya (the town) with benches overlooking the view.  The nature path is centrally located and does not need a whole or even half a day to be explored, it can be enjoyed during just a free half hour.

The path begins on the left side of the former the Mada building. There are steps that descend to the path. The path itself is carriage/wheelchair accessible and can be entered through the other end which begins right below the park at the corner of Rechov Gedera and Rechov Hamem Gimmel. This entrance begins without any steps.


Disclaimer: Find out the current security information before travelling anywhere in Israel.


Posted: September 10, 2017


Behind Rechov Hamem Gimmel 7

Romema, Jerusalem



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