Saddle River County Park:
Bergen County, NJ

The Saddle River County Park is a 577 acre park which consists of five separate parks, with bike paths, streams and tributaries connecting them. Each of the parks, aside for the Fairlawn Park, has a playground. Some have ponds and picnic areas.

So far I’ve been to the Wild Duck Pond Area, The Dunkerhook Area and the Glenrock Area. Each of the parks is enjoyable in its own right.

The Ridgewood area park, also known as the Wild Duck Pond, has a playground, pond, picnic area and a bike path that runs alongside a stream. The path connects to the Glen Rock and Dunkerhook areas.

The Dunkerhook Area features a playground suitable for young children, picnic tables and a waterfall a short walk or bike ride from the playground area. There are signs at the bike bath entrance that have the distances of each place and directions posted. The Dunkerhook bike path connects to The Glen Rock Area, The Wild Duck Pond and the Fairlawn Area.

The Glen Rock Area has a pond with a sprinkler in the center. There is a large covered picnic area and a playground more suitable for older kids than the Dunkerhook area. The biking path connects to the Wild Duck Pond Area and the Dunkerhook area.

Currently I have not visited the Fairlawn Area, the Otto Pehle Area and the Rochelle Park Area. Once I do, I will be sure to post it.


Posted: August 29, 2017


See maps below for addresses of each park. The parks are located in Bergen County, NJ.


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