Thames River:


A great tourist destination in London is the banks of the River Thames. Once we disembarked from the London Eye, we decided to take a walk along the river banks. It was extremely enjoyable and entertaining. There were many people making impromptu shows or standing still, dressed up as a character. All these people had hats or bowls hoping for donations from passing tourists. We also passed an artist working on an incredibly realistic life size dummy in the sand.

The Tower Bridge, famous for the two sides that open when a large boat passes, spans the Thames River. There are various options of boat trips down the Thames. The Big Ben is also not far from the river and can be visited in conjunction. All in all, the Thames River is a great place to visit.  Walk alongside it to get a real feel of London.


Posted: December 10, 2017


River Thames, London


Price: Free


Public Transport-Approximate Distance from:   

Golder’s Green: 35 minutes

Stamford Hill: 45 minutes

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